You'll find here all the practical and useful information to get to FEZEN Festival the fastest and the most comfortable way. If you're at the festival, you can inform and help your friends following the information here.

Where is FEZEN?

FEZEN Festival location: „MÁV Előre” Site: Takarodó u. 3, Székesfehérvár, H-8000 and FEZEN Club, Takarodó u. 1. (previously Bahnhof)

GPS: 47.183675,18.433764

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Entrance gates

Gate 01 (backside, car, VIP, ARTIST, PRESS): Új Váralja sor

Gate02 (pedestrians from the city): Mártírok útja

By train

FEZEN Festival site is located in the neighbourhood of Székesfehérvár railway station. Stepping out from the station's building, turn right and you can reach the entrance gate after 5-6 minute walk on Mártírok útja. Box offices are on the right side of the road, and you can enter the festival through the pedestrian bridge over the rails. In order of your security, a limited number of visitors are let to pass the bridge at a time. Enter or leave, it can get slow, so you could use some patience!


Buses to FEZEN

Come from anywhere, you have to get off the bus at central station (Piac tér, Székesfehérvár).

If you feel like mingle with locals and taste the city's bus services, the following routes are applicable:

1. 12Y: take the stop at Új Váralja sor, Cerbona Rt. It takes a 3 minute walk to get to the festival gates.

2. 13: take the stop at Mártírok útja, you have to get off right before the pedestrian bridge.

3. 13A: take the stop at Mártírok útja, you have to get off right before the pedestrian bridge.

For more information and timetables, visit this site:


Car drivers, please note!

During FEZEN Festival, P+R parking lot is available near to the festival site at Takarodó u. – you only have to follow guide boards by the roads. At Új Váralja sor, police officers and civil guards will warn drivers about the upcoming roadblock, where you can make a turn or enter the parking site. Enter or leave, one lane is available for both directions, so please be patient, and follow the notices of the traffic control staff.

Please remember! The parking site has 24hrs control, but we take no responsibility for your valuables left in the car!

Parking fee: HUF 800/car/day

(Parking tickets are valid until 8.00 am the next morning after purchase.)

In order of the smooth traffic and avoiding inconveniences, it's forbidden to stop and park the car on Takarodó u. and Új Váralja sor, during the festival, it's also forbidden to drive in by the roadblock from the parking lot and the camping site!

Free parking lot: at Mártírok útja during the festival (all the four days, as of 14.00 pm), the two side lanes are reserved for parking. Besides this, the nearest public facility for free parking is the lot at Fejér County St György Hospital – it takes around 5-6 minute walk to get to the festival gate.





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