Alice Cooper, The Offspring, Shaggy, House of Pain and many more acts on FEZEN2016


FEZEN used to be for the guys from town - now it's for everyone! The popularity of the festival is growing with light speed and the fest is now amongst the biggest ones in Hungary. During the 4 days people gravitate from all around the country (and from the neighbouring countries) towards Székesfehérvár which becomes heart of the musical scene of the country.
FEZEN used to be for metalheads - now it's for everyone! During the past 20 years the musical spectrum become quite motley ranging from folk through electronic to metal.
FEZEN used to be the last - now it's one of the biggest! Two years ago it was the fest that waved farewell to the festival season as the last gig in the summer, now it's in the middle of everything! Summer, beer, loud rock 'n' roll - what else do you want?
FEZEN used to be cheap - now it's still cheap! Just compare it to the other big festivals and you'll quickly realise that not only the tickets are affordable but you won't have a hard time staying tipsy for the whole festival and you'll still have money left to buy a life-saving hamburger on the last day.
FEZEN2017. We'll be there!
Check the line-up, the prices or the accommodation possibilities. And feel free to contact us on facebook or in e-mail (
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